On this date- January 19

Today Shelley Fabares is 75. Today is also the birthday of Dolly Parton, Tippi Hedren, Shawn Wayans, Katey Sagal, Logan Lerman, Richard Lester, Damien Chazelle, Antoine Fuqua, Rob Delaney, Larry Clark, Michael Crawford, Desi Arnaz Jr., Javier Cámara, Roger Ashton-Griffiths, Frank Caliendo, Kim Henkel, Susan Lowe, Paula Deen, and the late Edgar Allan Poe, Janis Joplin, Jean Stapleton, Phil Everly, Patricia Highsmith, Guy Madison, Fritz Weaver, and Harry Davenport. ‘Snub’ Pollard died 57 years ago in 1962 at age 72. Hedy Lamarr died nineteen years ago in 2000 at age 85. Suzanne Pleshette died eleven years ago in 2008 at age 70. Miguel Ferrer died two years ago in 2017 at age 61. Dorothy Malone died one year ago in 2018 at age 93.

On this date- January 18

Today Dave Bautista and Jesse L. Martin are 50, and Jay Chou is 40. Today is also the birthday of Kevin Costner, Jason Segel, Dave Attell, Mark Rylance, Takeshi Kitano, Joanna Newsom, M.C. Gainey, John Boorman, David Ayer, Paul Freeman, Maulik Pancholy, Bob Peterson, and the late Cary Grant, Oliver Hardy, Danny Kaye, and A.A. Milne. Curly Howard died 67 years ago in 1952 at age 48. Sydney Greenstreet died 65 years ago in 1954 at age 74.

On this date- January 17

Today Betty White is 97, Maury Povich is 80, Susanna Hoffs is 60, Naveen Andrews and Lukas Moodysson are 50, and Kelly Marie Tran is 30. Today is also the birthday of Jim Carrey, James Earl Jones, Michelle Obama, Zooey Deschanel, Steve Harvey, Kid Rock, Denis O’Hare, Freddy Rodriguez, Joanna David, Robert Kennedy Jr., Leigh Whannell, Joshua Malina, Steve Earle, Genndy Tartakovsky, Kevin Reynolds, Brian Helgeland, Sebastian Junger, Kang-ho Song, and the late Andy Kaufman, who would be 70, Muhammad Ali, Benjamin Franklin, Al Capone, Eartha Kitt, Mack Sennett, Sheree North, Noah Beery, and Keith Chegwin. Doodles Weaver died 36 years ago in 1983 at age 71. Emil Sitka died 21 years ago in 1998 at age 83. Richard Crenna died sixteen years ago in 2003 at age 76. Virginia Mayo died fourteen years ago in 2005 at age 84.

On this date- January 16

Today Caroline Munro is 70. Today is also the birthday of John Carpenter, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Debbie Allen, Ricardo Darín, Richard T. Jones, Marwan Kenzari, Birgitte Hjort Sørensen, Atticus Ross, FKA Twigs, James May, Kate Moss, Jason Friedberg, and the late Ethel Merman, Harry Carey, Aaliyah, Susan Sontag, Elliott Reid, Katy Jurado, Alexander Knox, John Hamilton, Diana Wynyard, Karl Freund, Leslie H. Martinson, Stirling Silliphant, Buddy Lester, and Ralph Ince. Carole Lombard died 77 years ago in 1942 at age 33. Ted Cassidy died forty years ago in 1979 at age 46. Bernard Lee died 38 years ago in 1981 at age 73.

On this date- January 15

Today Kellita Smith is 50. Today is also the birthday of Margaret O’Brien, Andrea Martin, Regina King, Chad Lowe, James Nesbitt, Mario Van Peebles, Phyllis Coates, Joanne Linville, Jamie Clayton, Skrillex, DJ Jazzy Jeff (Jeffrey A. Townes), and the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who would be 90, Lloyd Bridges, Ronnie Van Zant, Maria Schell, Marjorie Bennett, Kirin Kiki, Patricia Blair, Ernest Thesiger, Ivor Novello, and Rex Ingram. Ray Bolger died 32 years ago in 1987 at age 83. Brad Renfro died eleven years ago in 2008 at age 25. Nagisa Ôshima died six years ago in 2013 at age 80. Dan Haggerty died three years ago in 2016 at age 73.

On this date- January 14

Today Carole Cook is 95, Lawrence Kasdan is 70, and Jason Bateman and Dave Grohl are 50. Today is also the birthday of Faye Dunaway, Emily Watson, Steven Soderbergh, Carl Weathers, LL Cool J, Holland Taylor, Kevin Durand, T Bone Burnett, Pitbull, Jordan Ladd, Grant Gustin, Mark Addy, Dan Schneider, Shepard Smith, and the late Stan Brakhage, Hal Roach, Bebe Daniels, Guy Williams, William Bendix, Harold Russell, Tom Tryon, Andy Rooney, who would be 100, Joseph Losey, Mary Ann Jackson, and Warren Mitchell. Lewis Carroll died 121 years ago in 1898 at age 65. Humphrey Bogart died 62 years ago in 1957 at age 57. Barry Fitzgerald died 58 years ago in 1961 at age 72. Peter Finch died 42 years ago in 1977 at age 60. Donna Reed died 33 years ago in 1986 at age 64. Douglas Sirk died 32 years in 1987 at age 89. Shelley Winters died thirteen years ago in 2006 at age 85. Ricardo Montalban died ten years ago in 2009 at age 88.

On this date- January 13

Today is the birthday of Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Orlando Bloom, Michael Peña, Patrick Dempsey, Liam Hemsworth, Shonda Rhimes, Rip Taylor, Penelope Ann Miller, Ruth Wilson, Carol Cleveland, Bill Bailey, Nicole Eggert, Frances Sternhagen, Trace Adkins, Nick Clooney, William B. Davis, Billy Gray, John McNaughton, and the late Robert Stack, who would be 100, Kay Francis, Rosemary Murphy, Charles Nelson Reilly, Paul Birch, Gwen Verdon, Jack Mercer, Albert Lamorisse, Horatio Alger, Michael Bond, and Gregory Walcott. Ernie Kovacs died 57 years ago in 1962 at age 42. Joe Spinell died thirty years ago in 1989 at age 52. Ted Demme died seventeen years ago in 2002 at age 38. Dick Gautier died two years ago in 2017 at age 85.