On this date- June 13

Today Malcolm McDowell is 75. Today is also the birthday of Stellan Skarsgård, Chris Evans, Tim Allen, Ally Sheedy, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Kat Dennings, Simon Callow, Richard Thomas, Steve-O, Greg Daniels, and the late Paul Lynde, Basil Rathbone, Ben Johnson, who would be 100, Mary Wickes, W.B. Yeats, and Tay Garnett. Geraldine Page died 31 years ago in 1987 at age 62.

On this date- June 12

Today Richard M. Sherman is 90, and Timothy Simons is 40. Today is also the birthday of Dave Franco, Scott Thompson, Jay Mewes, Abbey Lee, Richard Ayoade, Mel Rodriguez, Timothy Busfield, Eamonn Walker, Jenilee Harrison, Kendra Wilkinson, George H.W. Bush, and the late Anne Frank, Jim Nabors, Priscilla Lane, Vic Damone, Irwin Allen, and Jim Siedow. Norma Shearer died 35 years ago in 1983 at age 80. Gregory Peck died 15 years ago in 2003 at age 87.

On this date- June 11

Today Joshua Jackson is 40. Today is also the birthday of Hugh Laurie, Shia LaBeouf, Peter Dinklage, Adrienne Barbeau, Sherman Howard, Johnny Brown, Greta Van Susteren, Christina Crawford, and the late Gene Wilder, Chad Everett, Ryan Dunn, Richard Todd, Robert Hutton, Jacques Cousteau, Buddy Baer, Henry Hill, and Wesley Ruggles. John Wayne died 39 years ago in 1979 at age 72. William Marshall died 15 years ago in 2003 at age 78. Ann Rutherford six years ago in 2012 at age 94. Ruby Dee died four years ago in 2014 at age 91. Ron Moody died three years ago in 2015 at age 91.

On this date- June 10

Today Prince Philip is 97, Bill Burr is 50, DJ Qualls is 40, and Bria Vinaite is 25. Today is also the birthday of Gina Gershon, Elizabeth Hurley, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Kate Flannery, Jürgen Prochnow, Ben Daniels, Laura Silverman, Tzi Ma, Jeremy Saulnier, Dustin Lance Black, Gina Prince-Bythewood, Andrew Niccol, Timothy Van Patten, Faith Evans, Kate Upton, Sasha Obama, John Edwards, Eliot Spitzer, Bobby Jindal, and the late Judy Garland, Hattie McDaniel, Kevin Corcoran, Sessue Hayakawa, and Maurice Sendak. Spencer Tracy died 51 years ago in 1967 at age 67. Rainer Werner Fassbinder died 36 years ago in 1982 at age 37. Jo Van Fleet died 22 years ago in 1996 at age 80. Ray Charles died 14 years ago in 2004 at age 73.

On this date- June 9

Today Eddie Marsan is 50, and Mae Whitman is 30. Today is also the birthday of Johnny Depp, Natalie Portman, Michael J. Fox, Aaron Sorkin, Jackie Mason, Josh Hamilton, Gloria Reuben, Justin Benson, and the late Cole Porter, Robert Cummings, Mona Freeman, Joe Santos, and Robert McNamara. Ousmane Sembene died eleven years ago today in 2007 at age 84. Adam West died one year ago in 2017 at age 88.

On this date- June 8

Today Colin Baker is 75, and Keenen Ivory Wayans is 60. Today is also the birthday of Julianna Margulies, Jerry Stiller, Nancy Sinatra, Kanye West, Frank Grillo, Griffin Dunne, Bonnie Tyler, James Darren, Kathy Baker, J.P. Manoux, Gabrielle Giffords, Kevin P. Farley, Dan Futterman, Matthew Bright, Will Smith, Troy Duffy, and the late Joan Rivers, Robert Preston, who would be 100, Alexis Smith, Bernie Casey, George Wallace, Don Grady, Charles Tyner, Myron Healey, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Barbara Bush. Robert Taylor died 49 years ago in 1969 at age 57.

On this date- June 7

Today James Ivory is 90, Ken Osmond is 75, Bill Hader is 40, and Michael Cera is 30. Today is also the birthday of Liam Neeson, Karl Urban, Tom Jones, William Forsythe, Colleen Camp, Tom McCarthy, Mick Foley, Ronald Pickup, Bear Grylls, Dave Navarro, Iggy Azalea, Fetty Wap, Mike Pence, and the late Dean Martin, Jessica Tandy, Prince, Bonnie Lee Bakley, Hope Summers, and Dolores Gray. Jean Harlow died 81 years ago in 1937 at age 26. ZaSu Pitts died 55 years ago in 1963 at age 69. Judy Holliday died 53 years ago in 1965 at age 43. Christopher Lee died three years ago in 2015 at age 93.