Notable Film Directors: 80 or Older

Here are some notable film directors who are 80 or older and have directed at least two feature theatrical films.

Brian De Palma (September 11, 1940, 80, Carrie [1976]; Scarface [1983])
Most recent film: Domino (2019)
Upcoming film: Sweet Vengeance

Dario Argento (September 7, 1940, 80, Deep Red; Suspiria [1977])
Most recent film: Dracula 3D (2012)
Upcoming film: Occhiali neri

Bruce Beresford (August 16, 1940, 80, Breaker Morant, Driving Miss Daisy)
Most recent film: Ladies in Black (2018)

Víctor Erice (June 30, 1940, 80, The Spirit of the Beehive; El Sur)
Most recent film: Víctor Erice – Abbas Kiarostami Correspondence (2016)

James L. Brooks (May 9, 1940, 80, Broadcast News; As Good as It Gets)
Most recent film: How Do You Know (2010)

John Irvin (May 7, 1940, 80, Raw Deal; Hamburger Hill)
Most recent film: Mandela’s Gun (2016)

Marco Bellocchio (November 9, 1939, 80, Fists in the Pocket; Vincere)
Most recent film: The Traitor (2019)

John Badham (August 25, 1939, 81, Saturday Night Fever; Short Circuit)
Most recent film: Brother’s Keeper (2002)
Most recent directing: Siren- TV episode (2019)

Peter Bogdanovich (July 30, 1939, 81, The Last Picture Show; Paper Moon)
Most recent film: The Great Buster (2018)
Upcoming film: One Lucky Moon

Ruggero Deodato (May 7, 1939, 81, Jungle Holocaust; Cannibal Holocaust)
Most recent film: Ballad of Blood (2016)
Upcoming film: Deathcember (segment: Casetta Sperduta in Campagna)

Christopher Miles (April 19, 1939, 81, The Maids; Priest of Love)
Most recent film: Fire from Olympia (2012) (video documentary)

Francis Ford Coppola (April 7, 1939, 81, The Godfather; Apocalypse Now)
Most recent film: Distant Vision (2016)
Upcoming film: Megalopolis

Volker Schlöndorff (March 31, 1939, 81, Young Törless; The Tin Drum)
Most recent film: Der namenlose Tag (2017)

Bertrand Blier (March 14, 1939, 81, Going Places, Get Out Your Handkerchiefs)
Most recent film: Heavy Duty (2019)

Robert Shaye (March 4, 1939, 81, Book of Love)
Most recent film: Ambition (2019)

Liv Ullmann (December 16, 1938, 81, Sofie; Faithless)
Most recent film: Miss Julie (2014)

Waris Hussein (December 9, 1938, 81, A Touch of Love; Quackser Fortune Has a Cousin in the Bronx)
Most recent film: Her Best Friend’s Husband (2002) (TV movie)

Michael Schultz (November 10, 1938, 81, Cooley High; Car Wash)
Most recent directing: All American (TV series)
Most recent feature film: Woman Thou Art Loosed (2004)

Ralph Bakshi (October 29, 1938, 81, Fritz the Cat; Wizards)
Most recent film: Last Days of Coney Island (short) (2015)

Paul Verhoeven (July 18, 1938, 82, RoboCop; Total Recall)
Most recent film: Elle (2016)
Upcoming film: Benedetta

Richard Benjamin (May 22, 1938, 82, My Favorite Year; The Money Pit)
Most recent film: A Little Thing Called Murder (TV movie) (2005)
Upcoming film: Back of Book (attached to direct)

Lewis Teague (March 8, 1938, 82, Cujo; The Jewel of the Nile)
Most recent film: Charlotta-TS (2010)

Henry Jaglom (January 26, 1938, 82, Eating; New Year’s Day)
Most recent film: Ovation (2015)
Upcoming film: Train to Zakopané

Peter Medak (December 24, 1937, 82, The Ruling Class; The Changeling)
Most recent film: The Ghost of Peter Sellers (2018)

Ridley Scott (November 30, 1937, 82, Alien; Blade Runner)
Most recent film: All the Money in the World
Upcoming film: The Last Duel

Claude Lelouch (October 30, 1937, 82, A Man and a Woman; The Crook)
Most recent film: La Grand Rendez-Vous (short) (2020)

Don Bluth (September 13, 1937, 83, The Secret of NIMH; An American Tail)
Most recent feature film: Titan A.E. (2000) with Gary Goldman
Upcoming film: Dragon’s Lair: The Movie

Francis Veber (July 28, 1937, 83, The Fugitives; Le Dîner de Cons)
Most recent film: A Pain in the Ass (2008)

Andrey Konchalovskiy (August 20, 1937, 83, Siberiade; Runaway Train)
Most recent film: Paradise (2016)
Upcoming film: Il peccato

Philip Kaufman (October 23, 1936, 83, Invasion of the Body Snatchers [1978]; The Right Stuff)
Most recent theatrical film: Twisted (2004)
Most recent film: Hemingway & Gellhorn (2012)

Hugh Hudson (August 25, 1936, 84, Chariots of Fire; Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes)
Most recent film: Finding Altamira (2016)

Robert Redford (August 18, 1936, 84, Ordinary People; Quiz Show)
Most recent film as solo director: The Company You Keep (2012)
Most recent film: Cathedrals of Culture (2014, segment “The Salk Institute)

Dick Richards (July 9, 1936, 84, The Culpepper Cattle Co.; Farewell, My Lovely)
Most recent film: Heat (1986)

Ken Loach (June 17, 1936, 84, Kes; The Wind That Shakes the Barley)
Most recent theatrical film: I, Daniel Blake (2016)
Most recent: In Conversation with Jeremy Corbyn (2016)

Woody Allen (December 1, 1935, 84, Annie Hall; Manhattan)
Most recent film: Wonder Wheel (2017)
Upcoming film: A Rainy Day in New York

William Friedkin (August 29, 1935, 85, The French Connection; The Exorcist)
Most recent film: The Devil and Father Amorth (2017)

Robert Downey Sr. (June 24, 1935, 85, Putney Swope; Greaser’s Palace)
Most recent film: Rittenhouse Square (2005)

Robert Towne (November 23, 1934, 85, Personal Best; Without Limits)
Most recent film: Ask the Dust (2006)

Jan Svankmajer (September 4, 1934, 86, Alice; Greedy Guts)
Most recent film: Insects (2018)

Roman Polanski (August 18, 1933, 87, Rosemary’s Baby; Chinatown)
Most recent film: Based on a True Story
Upcoming film: J’accuse

Ken Jacobs (May 25, 1933, 87, Tom, Tom, the Piper’s Son; Star Spangled to Death)
Most recent film: Ulysses in the Subway (2017)

Tinto Brass (March 26, 1933, 87, Caligula)
Most recent film: Hotel Courbet (short, 2009)

Robert Young (March 16, 1933, 87, Splitting Heirs; Fierce Creatures with Fred Schepisi)
Most recent film: Ghost Ship (aka Curse of the Phoenix) (2014)

Sidney J. Furie (February 28, 1933, 87, The Ipcress File; Lady Sings the Blues)
Most recent film: Drive Me to Vegas and Mars (2018)
Upcoming film: Finding Hannah

Bob Rafelson (February 21, 1933, 87, Five Easy Pieces; The King of Marvin Gardens)
Most recent film: No Good Deed (2002)

Yoshishige Yoshida (February 16, 1933, 87, Akitsu Springs; Eros + Massacre)
Most recent film: Welcome to São Paulo (2004)

Costa-Gavras (February 12, 1933, 87, Z; Missing)
Most recent film: Capital (2012)
Upcoming film: Adults in the Room

Jack Hill (January 28, 1933, 87, Spider Baby; Foxy Brown)
Most recent film: Sorceress (1982)

John Boorman (January 18, 1933, 87, Point Blank; Deliverance)
Most recent film: Queen and Country (2014)

Liliana Cavani (January 12, 1933, 87, The Night Porter; Francesco [1989])
Most recent theatrical feature film: Ripley’s Game (2002)
Most recent film: Francesco (TV movie, 2014)
Upcoming film: Death Is for the Living

Robert Benton (September 29, 1932, 88, Kramer vs. Kramer; Places in the Heart)
Most recent film: Feast of Love (2007)

Melvin Van Peebles (August 21, 1932, 88, Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song; Watermelon Man)
Most recent film: Lilly Done the Zampoughi Every Time I Pulled Her Coattail (short, 2012)

Fernando Arrabal (August 11, 1932, 88, Long Live Death; I Will Walk Like a Crazy Horse)
Most recent film: Farewell, Babylon! (1992)

Monte Hellman (July 12, 1932, 88, The Shooting; Two-Lane Blacktop)
Most recent feature theatrical film: Road to Nowhere (2010)
Most recent film: Venice 70: Future Reloaded (segment, 2013)

Elaine May (April 21, 1932, 88, A New Leaf; The Heartbreak Kid [1972])
Most recent feature theatrical film: Ishtar (1987)
Most recent: American Masters- “Mike Nichols” (2016)

Richard Lester (January 19, 1932, 88, A Hard Day’s Night; A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum)
Most recent film: Get Back (1991)

Alfonso Arau (January 11, 1932, 88, Like Water for Chocolate; A Walk in the Clouds)
Most recent film: L’imbroglio nel lenzuolo (2010)
Upcoming film: The Crime of Love

Carlos Saura (January 4, 1932, 88, Blood Wedding; Tango)
Most recent film: Jota de Saura (2016)
Upcoming films: Renzo Piano, an Architect for Santander; Picasso y el Guernica; El Rey de todo el mundo

Paolo Taviani (November 8, 1931, 88) (directed with his late brother Vittorio: Padre Padrone; The Night of the Shooting Stars)
Most recent film together: Wondrous Boccaccio (2015), directed with his late brother Vittorio
Paolo’s most recent film: Rainbow: A Private Affair (2017)

Ruy Guerra (August 22, 1931, 89, The Guns; Of Gods and the Undead)
Most recent film: Oblivious Memory (2016)

Jan Troell (July 23, 1931, 89, The Emigrants; Everlasting Moments)
Most recent film: The Last Sentence (2012)

Irwin Winkler (May 28, 1931, 89, Guilty by Suspicion; Night and the City)
Most recent film: Home of the Brave (2006)

Ted Kotcheff (April 7, 1931, 89, North Dallas Forty; First Blood)
Most recent feature theatrical film: Hidden Assassin (1995)
Most recent film: Fearless (short, 2014)

Masahiro Shinoda (March 9, 1931, 89, Double Suicide; Sharaku)
Most recent film: Spy Sorge (2003)

Robert Duvall (January 5, 1931, 89, The Apostle)
Most recent film: Wild Horses (2015)

Jean-Luc Godard (December 3, 1930, 89, Breathless; Weekend)
Most recent film: The Image Book

Clint Eastwood (May 31, 1930, 90, Unforgiven; Million Dollar Baby)
Most recent film: The Mule

Richard Donner (April 24, 1930, 90, The Omen; Superman)
Most recent film: 16 Blocks (2006)

Frederick Wiseman (January 1, 1930, 90, Titicut Follies; La Danse)
Most recent film: Ex Libris: New York Public Library

Michael Snow (December 10, 1929, 90, Wavelength; La région centrale)
Most recent feature theatrical film: *Corpus Callosum (2002)
Most recent film: Puccini conservato (short, 2008)

Alain Tanner (December 6, 1929, 90, Jonah Who Will Be 25 in the Year 2000; Light Years Away)
Most recent film: Paul s’en va (2004)

Richard Rush (April 15, 1929, 91, The Stunt Man)
Most recent film: Color of Night (1994)
Most recent: The Sinister Saga of Making ‘The Stunt Man’ (2000) video documentary

Alejandro Jodorowsky (February 17, 1929, 91, El Topo, The Holy Mountain)
Most recent film: Endless Poetry

Harold Becker (September 25, 1928, 92, Taps; Sea of Love)
Most recent: Masters of Science Fiction: Watchbird (2007) (TV)
Most recent film: Domestic Disturbance (2001)

Lina Wertmüller (August 14, 1928, 92, Swept Away [1974], Seven Beauties)
Most recent feature theatrical film: Too Much Romance… It’s Time for Stuffed Peppers (2004)
Most recent film: Roma, Napoli, Venezia… in un crescendo rossiniano (2014)

James Ivory (June 7, 1928, 92, A Room with a View; The Remains of the Day)
Most recent film: The City of Your Final Destination (2009)
Upcoming film: Richard II

William Klein (April 19, 1928, 92, Who Are You, Polly Maggoo?; Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee)
Most recent film: Messiah (1999)

Mark Rydell (March 23, 1929, 91, The Cowboys; On Golden Pond)
Most recent feature theatrical film: Even Money (2006)
Most recent: “Masters of Science Fiction” episode (2007) TV series

Marcel Ophüls (November 1, 1927, 92, The Sorrow and the Pity; Hotel Terminus)
Most recent film: Un voyageur (2013)

Toshio Masuda (October 5, 1927, 93, Rusty Knife; Tora! Tora! Tora!)
Most recent film feature film: Tengoku no Taizai (1992)
Most recent: Shinsengumi keppuhroku (TV series, 1998)

Jerry Schatzberg (June 26, 1927, 93, The Panic in Needle Park; Scarecrow)
Most recent film: The Day the Ponies Come Back (2000)

Allen Baron (April 14, 1927, 93, Blast of Silence; Terror in the City)
Most recent: Fortune Dane- “Airport” (1986) TV series

Sidney Poitier (February 20, 1927, 93, Uptown Saturday Night; Stir Crazy)
Most recent film: Ghost Dad (1990)

Kenneth Anger (February 3, 1927, 93, Fireworks; Scorpio Rising)
Most recent film: Airships (short, 2013)

Norman Jewison (July 21, 1926, 94, In the Heat of the Night; Fiddler on the Roof)
Most recent film: The Statement (2003)

Mel Brooks (June 28, 1926, 94, Blazing Saddles; Young Frankenstein)
Most recent film: Dracula: Dead and Loving It (1995)

Roger Corman (April 5, 1926, 94, The Little Shop of Horrors; Pit and the Pendulum)
Most recent film: Roger Corman’s Frankenstein Unbound (1990)

Lee Grant (October 31, 1925, 94, Tell Me a Riddle)
Most recent feature theatrical film: Staying Together
Most recent film: … A Father… A Son… Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2005)

Peter Brook (March 21, 1925, 95, Lord of the Flies; Marat/Sade)
Most recent feature theatrical film: La tragédie de Carmen (1983)
Most recent film: The Tragedy of Hamlet (TV movie, 2002)

Robert M. Young (November 22, 1924, 95, Short Eyes; Alambrista!)
Most recent film: Beckett by Brook (2018, TV movie) with Marie-Hélène Estienne

Ebrahim Golestan (October 19, 1922, 97, The Brick and the Mirror)
Most recent film: Secrets of the Treasure of the Jinn Valley (1974)

Bert I. Gordon (September 24, 1922, 98, The Amazing Colossal Man; Village of the Giants)
Most recent film: Secrets of a Psychopath (2015)

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