On this date- April 2

Today Gloria Henry is 95, and Jesse Plemons is 30. Today is also the birthday of Michael Fassbender, Christopher Meloni, Emmylou Harris, Linda Hunt, Adam Rodriguez, Dr. Demento (Barret Eugene Hansen), Pedro Pascal, Clark Gregg, Pamela Reed, Allan Corduner, Donald Petrie, Marc Caro, David Frankel, and the late Alec Guinness, Marvin Gaye, Buddy Ebsen, Jack Webb, Hans Christian Andersen, Émile Zola, Giacomo Casanova, Charlemagne, Leon Russell, Dabbs Greer, Debralee Scott, Ron Palillo, and Rodney King.. Jean Epstein died 65 years ago in 1953 at age 56. Buddy Rich died 31 years ago in 1987 at age 69. Jesús Franco died five years ago in 2013 at age 82.

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