On this date- April 10

Today Orlando Jones is 50, and Haley Joel Osment is 30. Today is also the birthday of Max von Sydow, Daisy Ridley, Charlie Hunnam, Mandy Moore, Steven Seagal, David Harbour, Alex Pettyfer, Michael Pitt, Guillaume Canet, Peter MacNicol, Liz Sheridan, Barkhad Abdi, Deborah Rush, Peter Morgan, Christophe Honoré, and the late Delphine Seyrig, Omar Sharif, Chuck Connors, Harry Morgan, George Arliss, and Junior Samples. Michael Curtiz died 56 years ago in 1962 at age 75. Marjorie Main died 43 years ago in 1975 at age 85. Sam Kinison died 26 years ago in 1992 at age 38. Little Eva died fifteen years ago in 2003 at age 59. Dixie Carter died eight years ago in 2010 at age 70.

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