On this date- June 3

Today is the birthday of Imogen Poots, Anderson Cooper, Penelope Wilton, Jason Jones, James Purefoy, Bill Paterson, Sebastian Armesto, Irma P. Hall, Masami Nagasawa, Larry McMurtry, Daniela Vega, Tate Taylor, and the late Tony Curtis, Josephine Baker, Paulette Goddard, Leo Gorcey, Chuck Barris, Allen Ginsberg, Curtis Mayfield, Ellen Corby, Maurice Evans, Colleen Dewhurst, Alain Resnais, Robert Z’Dar, Edward Winter, John Kellogg, Roy Glenn, Melissa Mathison, Anthony Harvey, and Herk Harvey. Franz Kafka died 96 years ago in 1924 at age 40. Ozzie Nelson died 43 years ago in 1975 at age 69. Roberto Rossellini died 41 years ago in 1977 at age 71. Robert Morley died 26 years ago in 1992 at age 84. Anthony Quinn died 17 years ago in 2001 at age 86. David Carradine died nine years ago in 2009 at age 72. Rue McClanahan died eight years ago in 2010 at age 76. James Arness died seven years ago in 2011 at age 88. Muhammad Ali died two years ago in 2016 at age 74.

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