On this date- August 20

Today Sylvester McCoy is 75, Robert Plant and John Noble are 70, and David O. Russell is 60. Today is also the birthday of Amy Adams, Andrew Garfield, Joan Allen, Ray Wise, Demi Lovato, Al Roker, David Walliams, James Marsters, Colin Cunningham, Don King, Billy Gardell, Eddie Paskey, Peter Horton, Fred Durst, Mark Borchardt, Andrey Konchalovskiy, Sally Yates, Ron Paul, and the late Isaac Hayes, H.P. Lovecraft, Alan Reed, Jim Reeves, André Morell, and Mikio Naruse. Kim Stanley died seventeen years ago in 2001 at age 76. Phyllis Diller died six years ago in 2012 at age 95. Elmore Leonard died five years ago in 2013 at age 87. Jerry Lewis died one year ago in 2017 at age 91.

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