On this date- September 17

Today Pat Crowley is 85. Today is also the birthday of Kyle Chandler, Cassandra Peterson (Elvira), Baz Luhrmann, Bryan Singer, Paul Feig, Neill Blomkamp, Bobby Lee, Rita Rudner, Matthew Settle, Bruce Spencer, Sam Esmail, Kevin Clash, Nate Berkus, Mark Osborne, Narendra Modi, and the late Hank Williams, Anne Bancroft, John Ritter, Roddy McDowall, Lupe Ontiveros, David Huddleston, Ken Kesey, Paul Benedict, Dolores Costello, Jerry Colonna, Harold Bennett, George Cleveland, and Edgar G. Ulmer. Richard Basehart died 34 years ago in 1984 at age 70. Grady Sutton died 23 years ago in 1995 at age 89. Red Skelton died 21 years ago in 1997 at age 84.

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