On this date- October 25

Today Marion Ross is 90, and Zachary Knighton is 40. Today is also the birthday of Katy Perry, Mathieu Amalric, James Carville, Craig Robinson, Adam Goldberg, Samantha Bee, Chad Smith, Leslie Grossman, Nancy Cartwright, Michael Weston, Sang-soo Hong, Bob Knight, Kevin Michael Richardson, and the late Pablo Picasso, Leo G. Carroll, Billy Barty, John Matuszak, Anthony Franciosa, Minnie Pearl, Abel Gance, Annie Girardot, Whit Bissell, Jeanne Cooper, Barbara Cook, and Klaus Barbie. Forrest Tucker died 32 years ago in 1986 at age 67. Vincent Price died 25 years ago in 1993 at age 82. Richard Harris died sixteen years ago in 2002 at age 72. Marcia Wallace died five years ago in 2013 at age 70.

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