On this date- December 28

Today John Legend is 40. Today is also the birthday of Maggie Smith, Denzel Washington, Sienna Miller, Noomi Rapace, Seth Meyers, Joe Manganiello, Nichelle Nichols, André Holland, Gayle King, Jan Bijvoet, Lior Ashkenazi, James Foley, and the late F.W. Murnau, Stan Lee, Lew Ayres, Martin Milner, Billy Chapin, Hildegard Knef, Lou Jacobi, Charmian Carr, Frank Kelly, Mikhail Kalatozov, and Woodrow Wilson. Dennis Wilson died 35 years ago in 1983 at age 39. Sam Peckinpah died 34 years ago in 1984 at age 59. Jerry Orbach died fourteen years ago in 2004 at age 69. Debbie Reynolds died two years ago in 2016 at age 84. Rose Marie died one year ago in 2017 at age 94.

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