On this date- January 15

Today Kellita Smith is 50. Today is also the birthday of Margaret O’Brien, Andrea Martin, Regina King, Chad Lowe, James Nesbitt, Mario Van Peebles, Phyllis Coates, Joanne Linville, Jamie Clayton, Skrillex, DJ Jazzy Jeff (Jeffrey A. Townes), and the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who would be 90, Lloyd Bridges, Ronnie Van Zant, Maria Schell, Marjorie Bennett, Kirin Kiki, Patricia Blair, Ernest Thesiger, Ivor Novello, and Rex Ingram. Ray Bolger died 32 years ago in 1987 at age 83. Brad Renfro died eleven years ago in 2008 at age 25. Nagisa Ôshima died six years ago in 2013 at age 80. Dan Haggerty died three years ago in 2016 at age 73.

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