On this date- August 30

Today Elizabeth Ashley is 80. Today is also the birthday of Cameron Diaz, Michael Chiklis, Lewis Black, Warren Buffett, David Paymer, Timothy Bottoms, Frank Conniff, Lisa Ling, and the late Fred MacMurray, Joan Blondell, Raymond Massey, Peggy Lipton, Shirley Booth, Bill Daily, Mary Shelley, Kitty Wells, who would be 100, Anatoliy Solonitsyn, and Huey Long. Charles Coburn died 58 years ago in 1961 at age 84. Lindsay Anderson died 25 years ago in 1994 at age 71. Charles Bronson died sixteen years ago in 2003 at age 81. Glenn Ford died thirteen years ago in 2006 at age 90. Wes Craven died four years ago in 2015 at age 76.

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