On this date- September 14

Today Joey Heatherton is 75, and Joon-ho Bong is 50. Today is also the birthday of Melissa Leo, Sam Neill, Andrew Lincoln, Walter Koenig, Robert Wisdom, Faith Ford, Robert Ben Garant, NAS, Callum Keith Rennie, Howard Deutch, Christian Petzold, Corneliu Porumboiu, and the late Amy Winehouse, Nicol Williamson, Harve Presnell, Kay Medford, who would be 100, Clayton Moore, Jack Hawkins, and Robert Florey. Irving Thalberg died 83 years ago in 1936 at age 37. Grace Kelly died 37 years ago in 1982 at age 52. Janet Gaynor died 35 years ago in 1984 at age 77. Patrick Swayze and Henry Gibson died ten years ago in 2009. Swayze was 57. Gibson was 73.

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