On this date- November 16

Today is the birthday of Maggie Gyllenhaal, Martha Plimpton, Lisa Bonet, Clu Gulager, Missi Pyle, Pete Davidson, Steve Railsback, Harry Lennix, Marg Helgenberger, Miguel Sandoval, Jamie Babbit, Allison Anders, Ron Chaney, and the late Burgess Meredith, Guy Stockwell, Royal Dano, Ellen Albertini Dew, Richard Hale, Daws Butler, George Petrie, George S. Kaufman, Henri Charrière, and Thomas H. Ince. Clark Gable died 59 years ago in 1960 at age 59. William Holden died 38 years ago in 1981 at age 63. Edward Woodward died ten years ago in 2009 at age 79. William Goldman died one year ago in 2018 at age 87.

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