On this date- December 22

Today Graham Beckel is 70, and Jordin Sparks Thomas is 30. Today is also the birthday of Ralph Fiennes, Diane Sawyer, Hector Elizondo, David S. Goyer, Lenny von Dohlen, Heather Donahue, Sergi López, Gregor Fisher, Jay Brazeau, Meghan Trainor, Chris Carmack, Jim McBride (Mr. Skin), Ted Cruz, and the late Barbara Billingsley, Jean Michel Basquiat, Robin and Maurice Gibb, who would be 70, Peggy Ashcroft, Ruth Roman, Gene Rayburn, Lady Bird Johnson, Pierre Brasseur, Emil Sitka, Peggie Castle, Lynne Thigpen, Frankie Darro, Minor Watson, Alan Carney, Freddie Francis, and Károly Makk. Beatrix Potter died 76 years ago in 1943 at age 77. Harry Langdon died 75 years ago in 1944 at age 60. Al Ritz died 54 years ago in 1965 at age 64. Josef von Sternberg died fifty years ago in 1969 at age 75. Samuel Beckett died thirty years ago in 1989 at age 83. Butterfly McQueen died 24 years ago in 1995 at age 84. Joe Cocker died five years ago in 2014 at age 70.

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