On this date- July 3

Today Audra McDonald is 50, and Olivia Munn is 40. Today is also the birthday of Tom Cruise, Patrick Wilson, Connie Nielsen, Kurtwood Smith, Tommy Flanagan, Yeardley Smith, Thomas Gibson, Corey Sevier, Bruce Altman, Dave Barry, Tom Stoppard, Peyton Reed, Michele Soavi, Gloria Allred, Julian Assange, and the late Franz Kafka, George M. Cohan, Ken Russell, George Sanders, Kinji Fukasaku, Susan Peters, Rick Ducommun, and Don Haggerty. Jim Morrison died 49 years ago in 1971 at age 27. Rudy Vallée died 34 years ago in 1986 at age 84. Jim Backus died 31 years ago in 1989 at age 76. “Curly” Joe DeRita died 27 years ago in 1993 at age 83. Andy Griffith died eight years ago in 2012 at age 86. Noel Neill died four years ago in 2016 at age 95. Arte Johnson died one year ago in 2019 at age 90.

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