On this date- July 12

Today Edwin Neal is 75, Byung-Hun Lee is 50, and Rachel Brosnahan is 30. Today is also the birthday of Bill Cosby, Topher Grace, Michelle Rodriguez, Richard Simmons, Malala Yousafzai, Cheryl Ladd, Cheyenne Jackson, Monte Hellman, Brian Grazer, Phil Lord, Anna Friel, Steve Howey, Natalie Martinez, Tamsin Greig, Erik Per Sullivan, Jamey Sheridan, Mel Harris, Denise Nicholas, and the late Milton Berle, Tod Browning, Joe DeRita, Jay Thomas, Beah Richards, who would be 100, Charlie Murphy, Louis B. Meyer, Jean Hersholt, George Eastman, Henry David Thoreau, Pablo Neruda, and Donald E. Westlake. Lon Chaney Jr. died 47 years ago in 1973 at age 67.

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