On this date- August 26

Today Melissa McCarthy is 50, and Chris Pine and Macaulay Culkin are 40. Today is also the birthday of John Mulaney, Dylan O’Brien, Alison Steadman, Barbet Schroeder, Wanda De Jesus, Mike Colter, Brett Cullen, Kirk Fox, Chris Burke, and the late Michael Jeter, Katherine Johnson, Jim Davis, Yvette Vickers, Ben Bradlee, and Mother Teresa. Lon Chaney died ninety years ago in 1930 at age 47. Larry Keating died 57 years ago in 1963 at age 67. Kay Francis died 52 years ago in 1968 at age 63. Charles Boyer died 42 years ago in 1978 at age 78. Ted Knight died 34 years ago in 1986 at age 62. Tobe Hooper died three years ago in 2017 at age 74. Neil Simon died two years ago in 2018 at age 91.

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