On this date- August 29

Today Iris Apfel is 99, William Friedkin is 85, and Frank Henenlotter is 70. Today is also the birthday of Elliott Gould, Carla Gugino, Rebecca De Mornay, Lea Michele, Betty Lynn, Tom Six, Dr. Temple Grandin, Liam Payne, Lucas Cruikshank, and the late Ingrid Bergman, who died 38 years ago on her birthday in 1982 at age 67, Michael Jackson, Richard Attenborough, Preston Sturges, Dinah Washington, Charlie Parker, who would be 100, Joel Schumacher, John McCain, Charles Gray, Isabel Sanford, John Locke, and GG Allin. Lee Marvin died 33 years ago in 1987 at age 63. Gene Wilder died four years ago in 2016 at age 83.

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