On this date- October 20

Today is the birthday of Viggo Mortensen, John Krasinski, Snoop Dogg, Dolores Hart, Danny Boyle, Dan Fogler, Kenneth Choi, Melanie Mayron, Barrie Chase, Elfriede Jelinek, and the late Bela Lugosi, Margaret Dumont, Tom Petty, who would be 70, Charley Chase, Jean-Pierre Melville, Jerry Orbach, William Christopher, Michael Dunn, Bill Nunn, Arlene Francis, Hélène Surgère, Joyce Brothers, John Anderson, and Rex Ingram. Anthony Quayle died 31 years ago in 1989 at age 76. Joel McCrea died thirty years ago in 1990 at age 84. Burt Lancaster died 26 years ago in 1994 at age 80. Jack Elam died seventeen years ago in 2003 at age 82. Jane Wyatt died years ago in 2006 at age 96.

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