On this date- November 13

Today Tom Atkins is 85, and Neil Flynn is 60. Today is also the birthday of Whoopi Goldberg, Jimmy Kimmel, Gerard Butler, Joe Mantegna, Steve Zahn, Chris Noth, Aisha Hinds, Noah Hathaway, Jimmy Hawkins, J.A. Preston, David Zellner, Kentucker Audley, and the late Garry Marshall, Robert Louis Stevenson, Jean Seberg, Oskar Werner, Robert Sterling, Richard Mulligan, Jack Elam, who would be 100, Gunnar Björnstrand, Hermione Baddeley, Don Gordon, Mary Beth Hughes, Adrienne Corri, and Fred Phelps. Vittorio De Sica died 46 years ago in 1974 at age 73. Junior Samples died 37 years ago in 1983 at age 57. Leon Russell died four years ago in 2016 at age 74.

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