On this date- November 27

Today Barbara Anderson is 75, and Paulina García is 60. Today is also the birthday of Kathryn Bigelow, Bill Nye, William Fichtner, Alison Pill, Robin Givens, Steve Oedekerk, Sharlto Copley, Elizabeth Marvel, Jaleel White, Curtis Armstrong, Fisher Stevens, Kimmy Robertson, Gerrit Graham, Callie Khouri, Adam Shankman, Stephen Bannon, and the late Bruce Lee, who would be 80, Jimi Hendrix, James Agee, James Avery, Connie Sawyer, Claude Lanzmann, Les Blank, Ronit Elkabetz, and “Buffalo” Bob Smith. Harvey Milk died 42 years ago in 1978 at age 48. John Carradine died 32 years ago in 1988 at age 82. Irvin Kershner died ten years ago in 2010 at age 87. Ken Russell died nine years ago in 2011 at age 84.

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