On this date- December 12

Today Bob Barker is 97, Dionne Warwick is 80, Jennifer Connelly, Regina Hall, and Mädchen Amick are 50. Today is also the birthday of Bill Nighy, Mayim Bialik, Lucas Hedges, Connie Francis, Gianni Russo, Gbenga Akinnagbe, Sheree J. Wilson, Sarah Douglas, Maren Ade, Brandon Maggart, Steve Binder, and the late Frank Sinatra, Edward G. Robinson, Yasujirô Ozu, who died on his birthday 57 years ago in 1963 at age 60, Buck Jones, Mayor Ed Koch, and Anne V. Coates. Douglas Fairbanks died 81 years ago in 1939 at age 56. Tallulah Bankhead died 52 years ago in 1968 at age 66. Jack Cassidy died 44 years ago in 1976 at age 49. Anne Baxter died 35 years ago in 1985 at age 62. Joseph Heller died 21 years ago in 1999 at age 76. Peter Boyle died fourteen years ago in 2006 at age 71. Ike Turner died thirteen years ago in 2007 at age 76. Van Johnson died twelve years ago in 2008 at age 92. Tom Laughlin died seven years ago in 2013 at age 82. Danny Aiello died one year ago in 2019 at age 86.

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