On this date- January 2

Today Todd Haynes is 60, and Taye Diggs is 50. Today is also the birthday of Cuba Gooding Jr., Kate Bosworth, Dax Shepard, Paz Vega, Tia Carrere, Joanna Pacula, James Marshall, John Considine, Jack Hanna, Jim Bakker, and the late Isaac Asimov, Roger Miller, Anna Lee, Howard Caine, Jason Evers, Dziga Vertov, and Oscar Micheaux. Emil Jannings died 71 years ago in 1950 at age 65. Alan Hale Jr. died 31 years ago in 1990 at age 68. Anne Francis and Pete Postlethwaite died ten years ago in 2011. Francis was 80. Postlethwaite was 64. Bob Einstein died two year ago in 2019 at age 76.

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