On this date- January 19

Today Dolly Parton and Kim Henkel are 75, and Shawn Wayans is 50. Today is also the birthday of Tippi Hedren, Katey Sagal, Logan Lerman, Richard Lester, Damien Chazelle, Antoine Fuqua, Rob Delaney, Larry Clark, Michael Crawford, Pete Buttigieg, Desi Arnaz Jr., Javier Cámara, Roger Ashton-Griffiths, Shelley Fabares, Frank Caliendo, Susan Lowe, Paula Deen, and the late Edgar Allan Poe, Janis Joplin, Jean Stapleton, Phil Everly, Patricia Highsmith, who would be 100, Guy Madison, Fritz Weaver, and Harry Davenport. ‘Snub’ Pollard died 59 years ago in 1962 at age 72. Hedy Lamarr died 21 years ago in 2000 at age 85. Suzanne Pleshette died thirteen years ago in 2008 at age 70. Miguel Ferrer died four years ago in 2017 at age 61. Dorothy Malone died three years ago in 2018 at age 93.

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