On this date- March 25

Today Gene Shalit is 95, and John Stockwell is 60. Today is also the birthday of Elton John, Gloria Steinem, Sarah Jessica Parker, Lee Pace, Jenny Slate, Edgar Ramírez, Richard O’Brien, Doug Stanhope, Mary Gross, Marcia Cross, Brenda Strong, LisaGay Hamilton, Bonnie Bedelia, Paul Michael Glaser, Domenick Lombardozzi, James McDaniel, Amy Pascal, Katharine McPhee, Ben Mankiewicz, Anita Bryant, and the late Aretha Franklin, David Lean, Simone Signoret and Nancy Kelly, who would both be 100, Ed Begley, Hoyt Axton, Howard Cosell, John Laurie, Machiko Kyô, Patrick Troughton, Jean Rogers, Jean Epstein, Toshio Matsumoto, Matthew Garber, and Marcin Wrona. Max Ophüls died 64 years ago in 1957 at age 54.

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