On this date- September 30

Today Angie Dickinson is 90, Eric Stoltz is 60, and Jenna Elfman is 50. Today is also the birthday of Marion Cotillard, Monica Bellucci, Tony Hale, Ezra Miller, Johnny Mathis, Fran Drescher, Amy Landecker, Barry Williams, Kieran Culkin, Nancy Ames, Victoria Tennant, and the late Deborah Kerr, who would be 100, Truman Capote, Michael Powell, Elie Wiesel, Dan O’Bannon, Buddy Rich, Frankie Lymon, Jack Wild, and Lewis Milestone. James Dean died 66 years ago in 1955 at age 24. Edgar Bergen died 43 years ago in 1978 at age 75. Simone Signoret died 36 years ago in 1985 at age 64.

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