On this date- October 9

Today Brian Blessed is 85, and Robert Wuhl is 70. Today is also the birthday of Guillermo del Toro, Tony Shalhoub, Sharon Osbourne, Brandon Routh, Scott Bakula, Nick Swardson, Chris O’Dowd, Steve McQueen, John O’Hurley, Michael Paré, Sean Lennon, Lorna Raver, Tyler James Williams, Jodelle Ferland, Steve Burns, Melissa Villaseñor, Peter Docter, and the late John Lennon, Jacques Tati, Alastair Sim, Fyvush Finkel, Edward Andrews, Lila Kedrova, Hank Patterson, Jason Wingreen, and Donald Sinden. Ernesto “Che” Guevara died 54 years ago in 1967 at age 39. Miriam Hopkins died 49 years ago in 1972 at age 69. Jan Hooks died seven years ago in 2014 at age 57. Andrzej Wajda died five years ago in 2016 at age 90. Jean Rochefort died four years ago in 2017 at age 87.

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