On this date- October 12

Today Tom Guiry is 40. Today is also the birthday of Hugh Jackman, Josh Hutcherson, Lin Shaye, Hiroyuki Sanada, Kirk Cameron, Deborah Foreman, Tony Cavalero, David Threlfall, Les Dennis, Richard Price, Iris Apatow, Chris Wallace, Ilich Ramírez Sánchez (Carlos the Jackal), and the late Dick Gregory, Luciano Pavarotti, Daliah Lavi, Satoshi Kon, Josephine Hutchinson, and Randy Stuart. Tom Mix died 81 years ago in 1940 at age 60. John Denver died 24 years ago in 1997 at age 53. Matthew Shepard died 23 years ago in 1998 at age 21. Gillo Pontecorvo died fifteen years ago in 2006 at age 86. Conchata Ferrell died one year ago in 2020 at age 77.

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